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This was a great story and you got me hooked all the way through the Alex and Tracy continuation by Miss Jessica. Great job getting inside the beads and hearts of the characters. I can't wait to read more of your work.
The Health Club     Details
Fascinating. I really enjoyed the firts (true) part of your story. I found it valid, powerful and strangely empowering. I was impressed by how hard you seemed to be trying to drag the truth from yourself, and look forward to reading anything else that you put out. alice
Secrets     Details
Julie, I completely enjoyed this story and it really came alive for me. The joy of belonging is something that is important to me and I really felt it as I identified with Belinda as the story unfolded. This story does what all good SF stories do in postulating a serendipity that results in the transformation that makes the rest of the story possible and from that point is completly believable in projecting what might occur as a result. It is the plausibility of the medical scanner in development doing something more than scanning coupled with the serendipity of the miswiring of the module that suspends my disbelief enough to accept the machine as being capable of the transformation. With the machine operating in such a manner which is inconsistant with the stated purpose I would have been less accepting if this device was treated as something other than the unique prototype that was operating in a manner not totally explainable or duplicatable as was the case in the story. As a unique prototype it becomes the same as many such devices in TG fiction that either due to a discovery beyond the scope of current science or an accident that acchieves the same result that is indistinguishable from magic in action. If at some point the prototype is able to be understood and duplicated then the story universe itself becomes so different from the real world as a result that we dont connect to it on that basis and must accept the changed universe as a postulate instead of just the device. I guess that is why so many unique prototypes in stories are lost after the function that they give in advancing the story is no longer needed. In this case the device was required to remain functional to the end becasue it was needful for the transformation to be able to be reversed to enable the drama at the end of the story. More than the serendipity that enabled the physical transformation, the action and interaction of the people in the story is what made the story so enjoyable to me. The actions of the men so contrasted with the action of the women toward Belinda. It is a wonder that was thrilling to percieve thru the interaction that the women acted together to make what the men had done to Belinda to work to her own good and self fulfillment. The setting of the women's conference sure aided the emergence of Belinda as the woman that she was ment to be by providing the means to introduce her to all of the feminine enhancements that enable her have more and more of a sence of belonging to the group as she had her appearance enhanced by the actions of the women towards her and the hairstyling and makeover that she experianced as part of the conference agenda. I hope that in my real life I get to go to a conference that is simular with companions so understanding to a newcomer. I hope that the lack of an epilog to this story means that sometime in the future that you will revist this setting, Julie and let us know how things turned out for Belinda and her friends. I feel that even though Belinda has learned so much thru the conference that there is much more interesting things to experiance with her as she sets up her new life. I'm wondering how her relationship with Stephanie plays out and if Belinda is able to maintain a close relationship with Stephanie being her closest friend. Since Belinda as Blake was being used to being in a different catagory of friend as a boyfriend even though their romance was still in an early stage, how will Belinda and Stephanie deal with the change in their relationship. As Blake he could depend on Stephanie to reserve special time for him as the object of her romantic attentions. Even though Stephanie seems like she will do what she can to help Belinda adjust to her new life, will Stephanie fit in time to help while giving her other girlfriends special time as well, making Belinda only one of her many friends. Will the loss of a man in Stephanie's life that she will need to be filled, affect Stephanie in a way so that she cant be an inseparable girlfriend to Belinda? Or will Stephanie sacrifice her needs and loss for a while in order to be inseparable from Belinda in order to help her in her new life? Even though we might like to see a romance survive a gender change, Is holding on to a romance based on the past good for them in the long run? Or is it better to deal with the loss and prepare for a new future for both of them? All in all thank you for a story that has given me a great measure of enjoyment, Julie, and I look forward to reading what you write in the future.
The Women's Conference     Details
Very well done. I like the detailing of the feminization process. That is one thing that I usually find lacking in such stories so it was nice to see it here. I have also long enjoyed the fantasy of a private island academy/resort setting. Nicely done. I look forward to reading more of "poor" Eddie's training! Sincerely, Fran
Tales From The Academy     Details
Still a good story. It will be interesting to see what happens next...
Acting as a Cleaning Lady - Chapter 7 - A Born Cleaning Lady     Details

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