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There's nothing more dangerous than combining lots of power with boredom...
Heavenly Choir
ahhh... you MUST have touched a lot of nerves with this one..(your story)... in fact.. i often add my two-cents worth and have NEVER seen more reviews.. good bad or otherwise...ergo... you dun a great job christine..lol ahhh, just me...lol.. and i DO love the genre... but?.. being threatened with blackmail photos... wouldn't do it for me..lol... i'd counter.. with a life ending threat of my own (hers, not mine..) ..lol.. upping the ante, as it were... i KNOW... you're supposed to submit..lol.. however?... just me.. nevermind... anyway, you have a GREAT story here... thanks for taking the time to write it... joanie...
Learning to Submit
This is one of the best stories I've every read. It's the dream come true for every cross dresser, tranvestite and transsexual come true. To be able to dress and grow up as a girl, to go thru puberty and your first date and everything else. Keep up the good writing Rebecca.
All Girl Now
Good story! It was a pleasant surprise to see another one of your stories posted on Fictionmania. I have enjoyed all of your stories. I think that this one is just the right length and doesn't need to be expanded on. A good story teller will leave you wanting more. I'll look forward to your next one. ---Mr. Ram
Green River
NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Thanks for the comments. You've encouraged me to write more. I reread my work and noticed typos and mistakes... gosh if there is some one that wants to profread my work i would LOVE it. Anyway the idea about having Chris write to Joe again is very cool. I will do that. I am not sure how realistic it will be to have Lisa like this so much. Most women don't. The slow change idea would have been great, but it's too late for that now. Chris is into this now... let's see what happens.

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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