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For some reason, this story had me laughing half-way through it. I couldn't get the TV-drama Jimmie Olsien and Louis Lane out of my head. But, the entire last scene with Superman was actually quite touching. Leviathan
The Heart Of A Hero
Dear Princess I have no idea if you are a woman or not but either way I loved that story--it had me at a fever pitch of excitement all the way through. I found myself envying Janyce. Very fine work Thank you Bruce
Fantasty Gone Bad
By far the best story here! The story flows well, the characters are well devloped, the writng paints the perfect picture, everything fell in perfect place. The "John" character works well as comic-relief. The aspect of him and Jenni hooking up was predicted early on, but was a good arc in the story. "Dale"'s devlopment works well too, his "metamorphis" into the female Dale, in complete contrast to other stores here, actualy evolves from within. He dosen't over night given into the female persona, it takes him a year to get into that character. Tot tell you how good this story is, it's the first sstory that has prompted me to write a review. I can say there are a couple areas that need help... 1. The timeline seems a bit screwy. Dale gets his hormone treatments in August, it seemed, whereas August is the time many students start school, but the story indicates Dale has been doing this at school for months already. The play and preperation for it seems to take a bit longer than it would in real life, and also seems to occur later than it is lead to believe. I would suggest maybe skiming through the story and straightening the chronolgy a bit, or maybe make it a little more clear. Also, I liked the flash-forward to three years later. I don't think we need to know what really occured here. We can logicaly assume that Dale continued his college education at the school, dated Leroy more and more, and Dale pursued his law-school dreams. Flashing-forward is a device we see used in many stories and movies as a means of resolving the story, without showing us the minutia. All we need to know is how Dale devloped into being a woman, at the end of tha first year he's excepted his fate, story's over, now we just need to end it. Good decison. Id like to see this story be a template, a guide, to how future stories in the forum should be. Down with hocus-pocus magicaly become a big-breasted slut with the wave of magic wand, or use of potions or other goof means. Lets devlop some CHARACTERS! Good job! Fantastic Job!
Just One Day Of Your Life
Hypnotic story by raven - very well written. The discriptions are excellent - you can almost tase see & feel everything - excellent sense of place as well - bangcok. I wonder how Kiwi is going to survive since lanuages werenot shifted with the bodies?
Other Places, Other Faces: The Pearl
I was wonder if You would be interested in writting a chapter for my life as You have a great imagination that borders on sadistic.
Sissy Beauty Salon, Part 6

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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