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The Love Lair (a Hose and Prose Story)
by: Jodie Anderson 

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Reviewed by Irina on 08/20/2013

Loved the story!

Reviewed by jenni on 12/14/2012

Hi Jodie,

I relly enjoyed your story, as I have enjoyed reading all of your works over the years, I hope there shall be more to come from a very talented writer.

Reviewed by Ashlee Lynn Winters on 10/31/2011

I loved your story it was really cool good job

Reviewed by samuizo on 07/13/2011

Wonderful story, with an excellent premise that is carried out beautifully. One of my absolute favorites.

Reviewed by dacyn on 10/26/2010

One of my favs on FM. The machine's mis-rewards is a brilliant mechanic. The exclamations of "Ms. Pacman Wins!" are chilling and consistently evocative. My interest wanes after that scene but by then you've already written a grade A story in my book.

Reviewed by Kelly on 10/25/2010

I loved the story. When are you going to post another? I'm going through withdrawals.

Reviewed by HollyJones on 09/23/2010

Fantastic! Loved the story; thank you very much for posting! I hope that you enjoy creating and sharing your works as much as your audience enjoys reading them! You are one of my favorite authors.

Relative to other comments, I very much enjoy the "curviness" and attire described. Your ability to be creative within the context of the "story universe" is very, very good. Thank you for sharing; I look forward to reading your next story.



Reviewed by jenni_2b on 07/02/2010

Welcome back Jodi,
I have missed your stories so much, and I am so glad that you have decided to write some more.
I look forward eagerly to reading more of your stories as they appear, and I will check back regularly for updates.


Reviewed by liljenn on 06/21/2010

wow, loved this story. wished i was forced to become consuela.. made me wet all through the story. i will be looking for more of your stories..

Reviewed by Sister Ida Know on 05/22/2010

How does one NOT start out a review of this story with "Oh My"?

I read this story without stopping, other than the moments where my mind was wandering the halls myself being chased, or fantasizing about the transformation.
i can hardly wait to read more stories from you. Wow.. Vivid...
Sister Ida Know @}--

Reviewed by hrist on 05/11/2010

Another great story Jodi! Thanks for sharing this tale. I join many others in hoping to see more new material and a return of some of the great stories you posted in the past!


Reviewed by Nick on 04/30/2010

Loved the story! I was however disappointed tht I could not find the "Midsummer's Night" Stories I had read here before. Where did they go?

Reviewed by jesse slut on 04/04/2010

I love all of your stories and this is no exception. I hope to see more in the future would also love to see more stories In the Tioga universe

Reviewed by clairebear on 03/31/2010

One of my FM favorites! Other reviewers make it sound like you have more stories out there, and I'd love to read some of them if I can find them. The game thing I liked a lot, and I really haven't seen many game-oriented stories here.

Reviewed by candi on 03/16/2010

You never cease to amaze me with your brilliant descriptive writing and ability to make such hot erotic writing compelling to read. Your devious creativity is so much fun to read and I can never get enough of your luscious bimbo damsels in distress. It's a pleasure (no pun intended) to have you contributing to FictionMania once again.

Totally tittilated,

Reviewed by Denver on 03/09/2010

I really enjoyed the story. It's so wonderful to read your stories again. The blonde, tricked by Tayna, to be a girl was so hot. I loved the innuendo about her bondage. Your descriptions of Jerry's disception and transformation are so creative.

Reviewed by Frank on 03/06/2010

Great story Jodie! Hope we get to see more in the days/weeks to come...always such a fun adventure



Reviewed by stephanie on 03/05/2010

I love your work and hope to see more. I only wish I could write a story like you. your one of the best. Keep up the great work
Love Steph..

Reviewed by Jamie Faye on 03/04/2010

As an old-school classic gamer, I enjoyed The Love Lair very much. Ms. Pac-Man will always have a new, much more seductive meaning from now on.

I think a sex transformation video game would have a lot of potential too - fortunately game authoring is becoming easier every day - witness the AmyRoomService story (here on FM) with its lush photo realistic CGI illustrations, made with many of the tools game designers work with.

Your story and your images are fantastic as they are - no need to change anything there. Make a great game and I will pay $50 for the disk (and a lot of other FM fans would too).

-- Jamie

Reviewed by Cori on 03/04/2010

I'd love to see a prequel story about how Mia first arrived and got transformed. Your tf descriptions and situations are always so great, though the end results aren't my cup of tea (just because I prefer teeny bopper/college girls over the bimbo stuff and corsets)

Reviewed by Jeff Snow on 03/04/2010

I have read all of your stories and liked them to varying degrees but I have to say that this has to be you best story you have written, by far. Great detail, interesting premise and excellent tg elements made this a wonderful read. I didn't think that the illustrations were all that good, by any means, but it certainly didn't distract from the story and I always believed that pictures enhance most stories. Thank you again and I eagerly look forward to any new work from you.

Reviewed by DesertNephlim on 03/03/2010

Reminds me of a chess game of yours I read about years back in the Tioga Mansion... Good work tho, nice to have u writin again

Reviewed by the doc on 03/03/2010

now this is your best because of the great artwork thanks for the entertainment

Reviewed by Blot on 03/03/2010

The writing is very good, but, perhaps because this is a commissioned piece, it just goes on and on and on, with more and more torments inflicted on the hapless protagonist merely to amuse the reader: he doesn't deserve them and there's no feeling that they serve any purpose but fuel for fantasies. The happy-ish ending is contrived -- surely not the author's fault, either. Not my cup of tea, but it did turn my crank a bit -- another sign of the author's skill. The artwork and the happenings are just too grotesque (to me) to be properly erotic. The right reader could find this story entirely delightful, but I'm not the right reader.

Reviewed by jrepg on 03/02/2010

I'd love to see a sequel with another gamer, great story

Reviewed by JW on 03/02/2010

First review I've ever written, and I've read probably everything on here... awesome story! Great process in the transformation, especially the focus on the lower body, which we don't see often enough. Hope to see another story very soon! Definitely gonna be one of my favorites ever.

Reviewed by Mysti on 03/02/2010

Jodie, once again you've shown why you're one of the all-time very best authors on FM! I'm so glad you've returned- and I'm eagerly awaiting your next submission.

Reviewed by Juno Reeves on 03/02/2010

Jodie... This was a very well written and a highly erotic story. I won't look at a video game in the same way ever again! I can't wait for your next story!

Reviewed by daisy on 03/02/2010

I enjoyed this story very much.. great post

Reviewed by anymouse_68 on 03/02/2010

Not a bad offering. Perhaps a bit too much padding that makes it a hard slog at times.

Also, it's not "wallah" it's "voilą"

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