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Devious Majik  added: 06/22/2016
Devious Majik is a fictional universe in which a worldwide chain of upscale retail stores sells gifts and clothing of a transformative nature. A wide variety of transformation stories including gender changes.
“The Other Sex” at the Transformation Story Archive  added: 03/07/2015
Tereisias started it, but the other sex seems to hold quite a fascination until today.
The Feminization Station  added: 02/26/2015
The Feminization Station is a site focused on TG Captions and picture stories of all sorts.
Lyka Bloom's Fiction  added: 01/04/2015
Home for author Lyka Bloom, including samples to paid stories and regularly updated free stories. Several series involving cd/tg/shemale fantasy transformation fiction!
Amanda's Reading Room  added: 07/21/2014
Transgender fiction by Amanda Hawkins: TG stories, vignettes and captions.
Satin Submissions  added: 11/20/2013
Submit to Satin - femdom stories, forced into satin panties & uniforms, chastity, humiliation and much more!
Saskia's TV Blogthingy  added: 07/19/2013
Stories, Illustrations, Comics,Pictures,Animation, Little Video's and just fun stuff in general. Everything on there produced by me personally (Saskia). Themes of stories ans artwork are mostly on enforced Transvestism and femdom.
Saskia is a mature, glam but slightly obnoxious transvestite from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
TgStoryTime  added: 04/05/2013
Little Men Stories  added: 03/23/2013
Illustrated stories of male forced feminization.
Great stories and artwork.
Sissy Mother (Fictional Blog)  added: 06/27/2012
A work of fantasy set in a fictional world where Sissies are made and nobody blinks. It's in the form of a blog and aimed at the fictional Mother's of Sissies. Somewhat experimental and intended to be interactive with its audience.
This is not a simple caption blog.
A Submissive Sissy  added: 04/07/2012
This site is a well-curated collection of stories involving Sissy and Femdom themes. There is also a gallery as well.
Bea's Stories  added: 05/02/2011
A place to collect the thoughts and experiences of heterosexual male cross dressers and transvestites.
TGFiction.Net  added: 12/13/2010
TGFiction.Net is a site based upon the simple fact, that there will NEVER be enough T* Fiction sites to fulfill everyone's wants and needs.

While this web site DOES NOT contain pornography, nor any material which is pornographic in nature, it does contain literature and references which some may consider as adult reading material.  added: 11/18/2010 is the ultimate website for crossdressers and the transgendered community, with daily news, exclusive diaries, clothes reviews, and free forums and live chat!
Strapped In Silk  added: 07/28/2010
Forced Feminization Erotica
Erin Writes  added: 11/20/2009
Erin C's blog. Contains short stories, commentaries on her stories, and various other things.
Whateley Academy  added: 07/07/2009
The Whateley Academy homepage. The authors include Maggie Finson, Bek D. Corbin, and Babs Yerunkle. The website is maintained by Warren Wheeler and runs on the servers of Bob Arnold (yes, THAT Bob Arnold). There are now over a hundred novels, novellas, short stories, and vignettes about the Whateley Universe, and it usually updates twice a week: regular Whateley stories on Sundays and outside stories on Wednesdays. Think of it as Archie Comics meets the X-Men meets Fictionmania. :-) The main characters are all teenagers who changed gender (or want to change gender) when they manifested as mutants and got superpowers, and they're now students at Whateley Academy.
Bob Arnold's Stardust  added: 04/08/2007
Bob Arnold's TG story site. Stardust doesn't carry stories with incest or under-age sex.
Emma and Ebony  added: 04/08/2007
The NEW Tales from Wollemi Heights By Dawn Hamilton.
Locked in Lace  added: 10/10/2005
An interactive story site that involves workplace situations at the M & R Corporation, particulary in the ongoing Forums section.
Big Closet  added: 02/08/2003
TopShelf TG Fiction in the BigCloset!
Crystal's Story Site  added: 03/11/2001
A big story archive.
(currently limited functions)
Ellen Hayes' Tuck  added: 09/23/00
Home of "The Saga of Tuck"
Metamorphose  added: 09/10/00
A site which is trying to list all transformations done in the media. Contains the Gender Change Fiction List.
Ole Joe's TG Collection's_Collection/TG/  added: 10/06/99
Looking for those old TG fiction classics. Look no further, this FTP directory is a vast collection of the old classics, like the Leaf, Seasons of Change, The Pageant and hundreds and hundreds of older stories from 1996 and 1997 mainly. Months and Months of reader material.
Kismet's TG Story Archive  added: 04/04/98
Stories by Kismet, which include landing on your feet, fine print and others
Sapphire's Place  added: 04/04/98
Lots of Great Fiction including some Joe Bates chapters not found anywhere else. Plus the complete Spells R Us collection.
Nifty TG Archive  added: 04/04/98
One of the largest TG fiction archives on the net.

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