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Random Reviews

Really enjoyed!!!!!!!
Altered Fates: A Double Dose of the Medallion
Alyssa, Well done! Nicely written story, which you managed to wrap up in one chapter! I know a lot of people here, and elsewhere, who wish their lives could be so lucky as to happen this way...unfortunately life isn't like that, and families aren't always as sanguine about being so accepting. Kinda wished you'd stretched out the portions at the end of the story into equally-well written but more detailed "parts" as sequels, etc., but I also appreciate the value of a well-written short story as well...more immediate satisfaction! Look to read more from you, hon... - Paula
The State Fair
Even though I,m not gay, I think it is a great story.
Addiction to Dress
Beautifully written story; you made everything seem very normal. The details really make this story come to life.I could see this really happening. This will always be on of my favorite story to read.I'll be waiting for the rest of the story
The Prenuptial Agreement
Ms. Maggie, thank you. This is perhaps my favorite of all the stories I've ever read at Fictionmania and similar web sites over the last seven years. It certainly ranks with some of my favorite popular novels, as well. Lorelei is a great pro-tagonist, (obtuse pun intended)! I like the fact that the background preamble, while conveying the character's important character traits, notably a good heart with a compulsively philandering nature, was relatively short. Our transformed, unlikely heroine has minor struggles overcoming past societal conditioning; it's not a significant, time consuming focus of the story. She enjoys the ride. (Hurray!) While, a screaming, tortured soul could have been imprisoned within the dominant personality of an unsympathetic demon, what fun would that be? The entire tale is a journey of discovery, of realizing inherent strengths and resources. Lorelei is more likeable for her na´vetÚ and natural modesty, and this approach adds immensely to the flow of the story. While stories of very gradual growth and change may be interesting, such is the stuff of mundanity. There's much more excitement and joy in those more rare epiphanies of understanding our true ability.
Heaven and Hell: Recruiter

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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