"How come Eddie and Raven's characters always end up with the basketball sized hooters and I just end up with the uniform?" sighed Eric


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Could someone (rather than a legitimate error) be behind this direct marketing? One or two typos but a interesting start from a new contributor.
Market Research
No offense, but the story wasn't very good. This could never happen, and if it did, it'd be fixed right away. And just by wearing women's clothes doesn't make you want to be one.
First class effort by the multi talented dreamer, excellent characters & well written with good suspense and well realized settings as well as them graUDLLAY TURNING INTO EACH OTHER IS very well done.
The Switch, or My Sister's Body
From his easy acquiessence, I wouldn't be surprised if Gene thinks he's manipulating her. After all, he'll be "tricked" into being a gurl, so no guilt, and she's paying for all the feminization. I think this one might be a win/win between equally gifted wo-manipulators who have the same goal! Great story, sis!
well,,kodem kol..which is hebrew for first of all...yashar koach..(well done)...fitting the trial in before Shabbat,,nice touch...a small quibble..Jewish Shabbat begins at sundown Friday, I believe Islamic Sabbath ends at sundown Friday,,,thus they are not the same day,,but rather roll one into the other...as members of the same family...:)
The Trial

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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