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I can not believe that the mysterious character, who destroyed the copy of the amulet, was Ares. I thought, it was the same character, who was locked inside the amulet. I mean, Zulo. Many want to write stories in this new universe. Talking about Ares: I do not understand, why Ares feminizes men. That behavior would be more typical of the "goddess Hera" (or JUNO). Ares was worshiped in Sparta. The Spartans repudiated weakness and deformity (in body and character), even women had to show strength (their motto: a strong man, born of a strong woman). Instead Hera; He despised men; I transformed Tiresias into a woman (and into a priestess, for her temple). It provided disproportionate punishments for men (such as destroying cities)
St. Searle's Academy: The New Class - part 11 of 11
An interesting, well-written story, *if* it had been about the boy/girl going to do fashion modeling, or working in sales at a store. As it is, I have a problem with the fact that the main character, as young as he is, is a "working girl", and apparently with the tacit, if reluctant approval of his parents. I simply feel very uneasy when children are made the subjects of stories like this. Make the main character older (20s and up) and you can do whatever you like. This story gave me the creeps at the end. - Paula
After School Job
WOW!! good story, interesting was to Dominante a Husband. He also seems to be responding . it will be interesting to see how far she pushes him. I will look forward to your future additions and chapters. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us
The Penis Prison - Part 1
Now why couldn't today's love stories have such a romantic ending as this one does :) Nice story and interesting twist to the transformation and how someone adapts in a tough situation.
Side Effects and Complications
i always laugh a little when people ask suki why do you like so much humiliation? why do you write such stories? i mean, like when a totally straight person comes here they must be asking the same kind of question. what's with all these boys in panties? why do they want to grow breasts? why are they kissing each other? god, they are like really freaky freak!!! its all a matter of degrees... good grief!!!! you dont know the half of what i write on other sites!!! like no bounds, no limits, like its total annhilation!!! here like im just strolling through the mall in my overalls, girly t-shirt, and platform sneakers licking a cherry red lollipop. this is like a vacation for me! im the kind of girl who likes to go all the way.....and i mean all the way!!! self-sacrifice is the ultimate turn-on. its a spiritual thing.... :) peace...xxxooo suki
Cherie's Little Problem

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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