Todd vaguely realized that, as the bimbo spell took effect, he not only couldn't fight the oral fixation, he enjoyed it.


Fiction: Something Invented by the Imagination
Mania: Excessive Enthusiasm

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Marvelous! I see I'm not the only one who's getting tired of reading SRU stories where the protagonist/victim is nothing more than the butt of a magical practical joke. Tom/Shannon displays a spirit of fun that is a welcome change from most of the hormone-addled main characters seen previously. And, of course, his display of respect for the wizard is icing on the cake; a lifelong D&D player would certainly pick up a few things on the etiquette of dealing with magic-users! And, of course, if Tom/Shannon ever does decided to 'intern' with SRU... I look forward to that story with great anticipation!
SRU: Hair Spray
Dear Stevie This truly is a wonderful new life for are Dani a wonderful journey that I'm taking with her as she Becomes a true sissy.I'm so enjoying it to her frist spanking and her punsihment of the captian's cocksucker it is so lovely and fitting. I see had poor Percey and Henretta have not been without also .This is well written and flows very well you do have away with your writing. Thank you for sharing Hugs Anasta'cia
Dani's Story, Book II -- First Days, Chapter II, Daytime
Strange story, some good images, but motitvation needs to be established - like in the beginning have the guy mention that once stephani wanted to be his girl friend but he turned her down as he felt there was no spark. It will interesting to see what happens. The first part is too short. Hope there is more
The Party
nice story ellie! Too bad gramps personality was wiped out though.
Mirror Site -- Grampa
you did a good job.i like the story.
Batman and Batgirl

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