Maurice had to see with his own eyes that he was now all girl.


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You might want to read another NSH story to get a full grasp of what's going on, but I don't think this is too hard a matter to clear up. No Lisa didn't come back from the dead. There was no magical drink to my knowledge. The reference to them being together again is in death, though he died in a more metaphorical sense than physical. Upon changing into a member of the Sisterhood, William ceased to be. His body was altered into a drastically different form, as was his mind. The configuration that was a person called William ceased to be. If you want to say they met again, it would have to be nowhere in nonexistence. If you don't get me, then just know that Lisa=dead dead and at no point to this date has she come back from the grave, nor are there any plans for such a thing to happen. Alright, onto the other points...members of the Sisterhood, including the employees of the Night Skies Hotel, can emit pheromones that attract, arouse, and confuse males, and maybe females, in order to draw said males into sexual intercourse or physical contact, which then spreads the pathogen carried by members of the Sisterhood. This then turns the male or female who contracts the pathogen into a member of the Sisterhood who then carries on the spread of the pathogen. That's NSH in a nutshell. I took a little liberty in letting William resist the pheromones. Is love magic? I doubt it. So it might not have really protected him from a biological trick. But then again, maybe the NSH wasn't really trying to get him. Maybe they just lightly tested him to see how good a man he was. The NSH isn't totally evil. They aren't trying to wreck lives across the multiverse. Or maybe he wasn't drawn to them because of some genetic trait of humanity that can keep us focused on one person. But yeah, William didn't get drawn in because he didn't think with his dick, but instead with his heart. Now, William having sex with Leroy after the guy had killed Lisa, that was a means of escaping the heartache of losing her. Leroy at that point was no longer Leroy. He was a new woman. I expect William realized that. Something clicked in his head that said that a murderous man suddenly being replaced by a horny, eager woman means that some sort of change occured in the soul. So William chooses (though Lena does kind of force herself on him) a new life not torn apart by Leroy or any other prick, and then literally fucks Leroy (revenge you could say) and receives the new life from the being that had taken his previous one. That's the best I can say it. If you've got any more questions, e-mail me at the given e-mail or drop Solari a line for some NSH knowledge, or better yet, look around the NSH universe stories posted on FM. Later.
Night Skies Hotel: Lovers' Retreat
Indeed a good tale
Bikini Beach: Sugar and Spice
Great story! They just keep getting better and better! Oh, and least I forget, I loved the political zinger you managed to weaved into the story. Deane
Cinderella... with apologies
This story is wonderful....I can hardly wait until I see the additions to it!
That Summer
Loved the story. Nice reality checks but still a lovely story about love and acceptance and fun!
The Answering Service

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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