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sometimes it takes others to show you who you are. that's what happened in this great story. there is alot of heart in here too. keep up with your art. here's a smile for your artful story.
A Mature Fantasy
Like the way the Wizard's store was impossible to find for a change rather than returning to the Wizard and getting no help or help that makes things worst for our story's star. The ending was also enjoyable as our star seems to be changing mentally as well.
SRU: Copying With A Voluptous Body
Grant you are a(special)girls dream come true,(to get cought dressed and playing buy a (turned on and horrny)understanding guy)bringing out the cock(hungry)pleasing woman to grant all your(kinky)sexual wishes that you desier.Would love to read your further exotic adventures with Bobby.Is that what you call her now or dose she have a cute fem name?By the way you did do one verry hot and sexy story!
A Few Months Ago
It is often said by professional writers that the essence of a story is conflict. If that is truly the case, then I found no story here. What we have here is a transition diary, not a story. It also seems to fall in the usual TG fiction trap of having the lead character looking rather feminine to begin with, and is therefore ravising when fully female. Frankly, I'm getting a little bored with that sort of device. I want to see angst, I want to see opposition to what this kid is doing, I want to know about his past, what his parents thought about his transition, etc. I get none of that here, and it leaves me frustrated. I would have liked to see the period leading UP to the year his parents were away, when he was buying clothes in secret and struggling to get hormones on the sly. THAT is a story...
Jason Becomes Joanne
Its another way of taking a boss to a secretary but I liked it. I agree with the other comments suggesting you deal with how this executive deals with becoming a junior secretary working below women who knew him as their boss...
The Business Trip

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FictionMania is sponsored by Glamour Boutique

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